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Car Travel Tips

Taking trips can be one’s most enjoyable experience in life. While this is not true for everyone, trips are a fun thing regardless. Whether you are only a solo driver or you storm into your car with friends and family, it is always an exciting adventure at least. Do you get bored or totally stressed out while traveling? Here’s out helping hand; we have compiled a list of 10 beautiful tips that would make your trip a lot better!
  1. Your car is your mobile home – Clean it! For the next few hours at least, your car would be your home. It depends, it could even take days. You want to make sure that it is all cleaned up and organized so as to make you feel less like you need to hurry and bump out of it soon. It is not an enjoyable thing to be surrounded by napkins, crumbs and dirt therefore you want to get rid of them before you embark on your journey; any journey at all. If you’re traveling on a route that is prone to flying bugs, you’d want to equip some window cleaner and paper towels in order for you to be able to clean your windows. Over all, you get a clean and safe ride!
  2. Keep Your Schedule Loose. It is particularly true that you will have a definitive starting point and ending point for every of your trip, but a huge part of the fun is not knowing the things you will see or do while you are on it. For instance, stopping to check out interesting things from a point A to a point B will get you all the fun you could imagine. Because, chances are you may never get back to that spot again. Why let it go? Enjoy it!
  3. Back Roads! Back roads are those places where all the local culture, shops are views combine into one for travelers. If however you are on a long journey, it would be mandatory for you to use more of the highway so that you don’t stay in your car for even longer. Nevertheless, try to a lot 10 to 20% of your time to using back roads and explore the hidden treasures in them,
  4. Have a plan B. The popular saying “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” is a popular phrase that applies to traveling as well. In order to cut down stress, ensure that you have alternative routes to take in place of major ones just in case you come across heavy traffic or accident.
  5. Be Prepared.  It is a good rule of thumb to always leave home with a simple AAA-certified car safety kit sitting in your trunk. Don’t forget to equip a nice supply of water and snacks too. You never really can tell what can happen so have a plan just in case.
  6. Escape Boredom. Driving can be quite monotonous and those good ol’ back seat games may not just do it for you anymore. This is where technology comes in! You can have a satellite radio in place for you to tune in to your favorite stations on-the-go or you can simply pickup a few books on tape to listen to. Whichever you choose, make sure you are not bored.
  7. Take Turns. Say you are driving with other friends and family at one point in time, setting up a driving schedule can be of great help. This way, you’ll have time to rest and do other fun stuff. Besides, it boosts the chances of having a safe journey. 
  8. Join Travel Clubs. Travel clubs like AAA are great and inexpensive organizations for acquiring resources and also for emergency situations. Aside helping you to tow your vehicle (in case the need arises), they also offer fancy benefits like hotel discounts for your trip. In addition, these organizations may also provide resources that allows for itinerary sharing with emergency contacts just so your progress will be tracked.
  9. Find Free Wi-Fi. This is the much developed part of the twenty first century and you are sure to find free wifi on many routes. Take a pit stop and check your mails or see what’s going on with Twitter then hit the roads again.
  10. Getting There is Only Half The Fun. It is not really worthy to call a fun-lacking trip a ‘journey’. Hold your horses! Don’t rush! As a matter of fact, when you plan your trip properly, you will be able to enjoy the quietness and calmness of any road trip you are having. Slot in some good CDs or use the radio and have a great time! 

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